Transforms Tap Water into Cleaning & Sanitizing* Ionized Water
Chemical Free All Purpose Green Cleaning
Kills Over 99.9%* of Most Non-Tough, Non-Aquatic Harmful Bacteria*
In Agriculture, It Greatly Increases the Productivity, Biomass and Yield
No Maintenance Cost, No Filters, Semi-Permanent Use
Reduce Harmful Chemicals
                                                         *When used as directed. See Directions for Use.

ARIRANGION is the manufacturer of MULTI-IONIZER, which transforms tap water into cleaning & sanitizing* energized water.  Energized & ionized water cleans and kills over 99.9%* of most non-tough, non-aquatic harmful bacteria.  ARIRANGION MULTI-IONIZER
is a chemical free green cleaning & sanitizing* device.

* When used as directed at Directions For Use.