*Directions For Use

1. For Sanitizing: Spray ionized water from Multi-Ionizer on nonporous hard surfaces for 10 seconds to kill over 99.9% of most non-tough, non-aquatic harmful bacteria (E. coli , E. coli O157:H7, Salmonella, VRE).

2. For Cleaning: Use ionized water as a general purpose cleaner.





Home & Offices

Tables, Chairs, Furniture, Doors, Windows, Bed Frames, Picture Frames, Decorations, Shelves, Office Equipments etc


Dining Areas

Tables and Chairs, Bar Tops and Stools, Windows



Dishes and Flatware, Counter tops, Refrigerators, Dishwashers, Stove tops, Ovens, Sinks



Bath Tubs, Sinks, Mirrors, Toilets, Tiles and Showers




All floor types and Spot cleaning on carpets



Tools, Toys Car Wash etc






 1. Warranty period is 1 year from purchasing date.

 2. If the device is defective due to defective components, it will be exchanged or repaired at our option

 3. This warranty does not apply when failure is due to misuse, shipping damage, modification or accidents

 4. Keep the original sales receipt to confirm date of purchase.


S1  INSTALLATION for SHOWER HEADS(Screw Size: 1/2 Inch)
Disassemble a shower head from the shower hose or the water supply pipe and connect the MULTIIONIZER to the shower head or  the water supply pipe.  Then replace the shower head. 

S1  INSTALLATION for Pull-out SINK HEADS(Screw Size: 1/2 Inch)

How to check the screw size to avoid any mistake?

1. Disassemble the sink head. 2. Connect a shower head to the hose connector 3. If it fits well, its screw size is 1/2 inch.

Disassemble 1/2 inch pull-out sink head from its system and connect the MULTIIONIZER to the hose.  Then reassemble it to the system. 

S2 INSTALLATION for the Kitchen Sinks or Washbasins (Screw Size: 55/64"F, 13/16"M, 15/16"M& 3/4"F)

There are 4 standard aerators for faucets in U.S.  S2 all(4)-in-one model covers all above 4 screw sizes of aerator faucets.

Unscrew a
faucet aerator from the faucet and then connect the MULTIIONIZER S2 without any adapter or with a provided proper adapter to the faucet.  

S3  INSTALLATION for Washer, Car Wash and Garden Sprayer(Screw Size: 3/4 Inch)

1. Close up the water taps.  2. Unscrew washer hose from washer inlets.  3.  Hand tighten Multiionizer to the water inlets. 4. Assemble the washer hose to the MULTIIONIZER. 4. Open the water tap. 5. Make sure of no water leaks.

You may use one multiionizer for cold water only. For the best result, you may use 2 Multiionizers for cold and hot water. 

SH   Anion High Pressure Shower Head  INSTALLATION for HAND HELD SHOWER HEADS(Screw Size: 1/2 Inch)
Disassemble a shower head from the shower hose and connect the SH shower head to the shower hose connector.   
How to install SH Shower head.

ARIRANGION is the manufacturer of MULTIIONIZER transforming tap water to cleaning & *sanitizing ionized water. Energized & ionized water cleans and kills over 99.9%* of most non-tough and non-aquatic harmful bacteria.  ARIRANGION MULTIIONIZER is a chemical free green cleaning & sanitizing* device.

*When used as directed at Directions For Use.