How it Works

When water passes through the device's magnetic field, it becomes energized and ionized with positive (H3O+) and negative (OH-) ions, which dramatically increases the cleaning and sanitizing power of the water. With higher faucet pressure, the water becomes even more energized and ionized enough to lift dust, oil, contaminants and oxidized materials off the surface you are trying to clean.

Ionized water not only cleans powerfully but it also kills over 99.9%* of most non-tough, non aquatic harmful bacteria. Energized positive Hydrogen ion (H+) and negative Oxygen ion (O-) in the ionized water react with the protein structure of bacteria, making the bacteria inactive thus removing bad odor caused from odor producing bacteria. This ionized water also has positive ions (H3O+) which has antioxidant and restoration power. It helps to recover the oxidized area into its original state.  It cleanses the skin and is also effective in dissolving rust, tarnish and washing pollutants and pesticides off vegetables. 

When energized and ionized water from Multi-Ionizer is used in agriculture, it greatly increases the productivity, biomass and yield compared to normal tap water.

*When used as directed. See Directions for Use.